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ludacris's Journal

11 June
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yup, just using this journal so i can read friends journals. don't get too excited. :)
25th hour, 5 card mal, 50cent, aaron krach, academic team, alkaline trio, alto saxophones, american history x, american idol, anthony hopkins, arguing, atlanta falcons, away games, band, band bus rides, band camp, becoming a band director, big tymers, big words, billy joel, blink 182, boiler room, brad pitt, brass, cadences, california, cards, catch 22, celebrity jeopardy, cgs, chris botti, christmas music, clarinets, classical music, college, college football, conducting, conn 8ds, crossmen, csi, dashboard confessionals, dawsons creek, dci, ddr, demetri martin, drinking water, drum majors, drumline, drummers, drums, eddie izzard, edward norton, elf, escalades, f. scott fitzgerald, family guy, fight club, fight songs, film scores, five cent wish, football, french culture, french horns, friday night football, gay fiction, gay guys, genetics, giovanni ribisi, god, great expectations, green day, guys, hating the broncos, horns, horseback riding, horses, human genome project, jack nicholson, jackie chan, jackson 5, jazz, jeopardy, jmu, john williams, juliana theory, korn, laughing, law and order, los angeles, love, ludacris, mae, marching band, marching royal dukes, meet joe black, mellophones, mercedes lackey, michael jackson, michael vick, movies, music, music education, music=life, national symphony orchestra, new found glory, night, notre dame de paris, ocd, oceans eleven, oceans twelve, passions, pavement, pep band, pitch black, playing instruments, primal fear, punk, rap, reading, rent, riding around in cars, robert jordan, rush hour, sabian cymbals, sats, saves the day, saxophones, sex, ska, slc punk, spades, speaking french, stalking, story of the year, taking back sunday, talking about sex, the ataris, the beatles, the kg-cgs bus, the used, the weather channel, thinking, trumpets, ucla, vin diesel, wawa, wheel of time, woodwinds, wynton marsalis, you